Draw and Save an image in Java

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Let us now draw and save an image in Java. In this program, i will be painting a simple gradient paint on the image that contains a rounded rectangle with transparent and smooth edges. This is really, really simple. Just go through the program, you'll understand how easy it is.

import javax.imageio.*;
import java.awt.image.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.io.*;
class DrawImage
private GradientPaint gp;
private int width,height;

    public DrawImage(int width,int height,GradientPaint gp)
    private void drawImage()
        // Create a BufferedImage object specifying width,height of the image
        // and also the type (here alpha-red-green-blue)
        BufferedImage bim=new BufferedImage(width,height,BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);
        // Create Graphics object
        // Graphics2D is a sub class of the Graphics class,
        // so this statement is correct
        Graphics2D g2=bim.createGraphics();
        // Set the paint
        // You can also use rendering hints
        // to smoothen the edges or the rounded rectangle
        RenderingHints qualityHints = new RenderingHints(RenderingHints.KEY_ANTIALIASING,RenderingHints.VALUE_ANTIALIAS_ON);
        // Fill the round rectangle from (0,0) and the paint
        // should spread over the entire width and height
        // and the corner radius width,height is 1/4th of
        // the corresponding dimension
        // Dispose the Graphics2D object
        // Throws IOException
            // Write the BufferedImage object to a file
            // The type of the image here is made PNG for
            // transparent edges as the image contains a
            // rounded rectangle
            ImageIO.write(bim,"PNG",new File("output_image.png"));
        }catch(Exception e){}
    public static void main(String args[])
        // Invoke the constructor sending the width,height
        // and the GradientPaint object
        // The GradientPaint object defines a gradient
        // consisting of two colors with their starting and ending points
        new DrawImage(400,400,new GradientPaint(0,0,Color.BLUE,0,400,Color.CYAN));

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