4 JCheckBox and JRadioButton Examples for a Kickstart

These four examples on JCheckBox and JRadioButton which cover almost all of their methods and constructors gives you a deeper understanding of them.
A JCheckBox lies on a single principle, checked/unchecked. This component is mostly used in when we are checking multiple items, for example in Job search site, you might have undergone this where you select multiple skills, a check box is mostly used.
  1. JCheckBox Kickstart Example for Starters
  2. How to give JCheckBox a Button feel?
  3. How to add JCheckBox to JButton?
JRadioButton is also based on the same principle as that of the JCheckBox. But the difference is that a JRadioButton is typically used when the user has to choose only one among the many items in a group. For instance, you can use it for Male/Female, the user has to select either of it, but not both. In AWT, you don't have specified class for JRadioButton as here.
  1. JRadioButton Kickstart* Example for Starters
Note: JButton, JToggleButton, JCheckBox and JRadioButton are all sub-classes of AbstractButton.

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