Quick Introduction to Machine Learning

Today, let us talk about machine learning, one of the most popular terms that we are hearing these days. Though the term might be new, it is self explainable.

Machine learning means making the machine to learn. What? The data. Why? To give a better user experience by giving best results. Yes, in machine learning you feed your machine the data that you have and make it learn that data, so that it gives output to users based on that.

What is Apache Storm? How is it related to potato chips?

Previously, we have seen what is Big data, now let us look at a framework that lets you operate with big data. You might have known what is a framework, it is nothing but that which provides you the classes and interfaces to do a particular job easily. The term easily is very important here. It hides all the stuff that you don't need to worry about, by itself taking that burden.

What is Big data? Is it worth worrying about?

Big data has been a popular term, in the market these days. In fact, it was not the term that is introduced in the past year or a few years before. But this term exists long back. When we go through this term, we often think that it is some thing weird. But, NO. Big data means nothing but data that is big, simply huge amounts of data (say thousands of Petabytes, or can be higher than that too).

Quick Introduction to Maven

Maven logo
Maven is a dependency management tool.

Creating Animated Pie Chart in Swing

The following program illustrates creating an animated pie chart the rotates smoothly.

NameMatchMethodPoincut Example in Spring AOP

The following example illustrates NameMatchMethodPointcut which is filters methods (to which the advice should be applied to) by name.