Remove File extension in Java

An example logic on filtering the name of the file without extension in Java using String Handling and Java IO

Let's Filter

class RemoveExt
public static void main(String args[])

// Create a File object for C:\java
File f=new File("C:/java");

// Get all the files in a directory
File[] files=f.listFiles();

// Loop till end of all files
for(File t:files)
// Go inside only if file object t is not a directory
// Get the name of the file t
String name=t.getName();

// If name has an extension..

// Filter the name without extension
String extRemoved=name.substring(0,name.lastIndexOf('.'));

// Print the name with & without extension
System.out.println("Extension removed for "+name+" and it's now "+extRemoved);






For renaming the file:  You can use renameTo(File dest_file) method in the File class pointing the extRemoved [See above], this method should be called on the source file and the parameter is the complete path of the file that you were to rename.

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