Subtract Elements in Array in Java

An example code on subtracting elements in array in Java in decreasing order in 3 main steps. This simple logic can also be used on any programming language.

Subtract Elements

import java.util.*;
class SubArray
public static void main(String args[])

// Create Scanner object for taking input from cmd
Scanner s=new Scanner(;

// Read no.of elements for array and store it in n
int n=s.nextInt();

// Create array of n elements
int[] a=new int[n];

// Loop n times
for(int i=0;i<a.length;i++)

// Take input from user and store in each element


// Modify the array, arrange it in increasing order

// Initialize sub value to 0
int sub=0;

// Loop from end to start (decreasing order)
for(int i=a.length-1;i>=0;i--)

// Subtract old value from new value

// For the first time, the value is -ve so make it +ve
// To do that, multiply with -1

// Print every element in array in decreasing order
System.out.println("array "+a[i]);


// Print the result
System.out.println("Difference of all elements in array in decreasing order "+sub);



Sample Output

array 8
array 5
array 4
array 3
array 1
Difference of all elements in array in decreasing order -5


Loop from end to start: So that i could arrange those elements in decreasing order as the Arrays.sort() was called previously, all the elements in the array are arranged in increasing order.

n=5, sub=0, a[0]=5, a[1]=4, a[2]=3, a[3]=8, a[4]=1 (before sorting). In increasing order, a[0]=1, a[1]=3, a[2]=4, a[3]=5, a[4]=8 (after Arrays.sort(a))


In decreasing order, i is initially equal to 4, so

0=0-8 = -8 => sub=-8

i==a.length-1 => i==4? true -> sub= -1*sub => -8=-1*-8 = 8 => sub=8

8=8-5=3 => sub=3

3=3-4=-1 => sub=-1

-1=-1-3=-4 => sub=-4

-4=-4-1=-5 => sub=-5

-5 will be printed. The if condition is satisfied for the first time only. Still more efficient logic is appreciated in the comments.
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