3 JProgressBar and JSlider Examples for a Kickstart

Here are three examples on JProgressBar and JSlider examples that will kickstart your journey. In this tutorial, you will learn:
  1. What is a JProgressBar?
  2. What is a JSlider?
  3. Working with JProgressBar (for beginners)
  4. Coding JProgressBar and Thread class together
  5. Creating JProgressBar using Timer in Swing (Requires to learn event handling)
  6. Working with JSlider (for beginners)


A JProgressBar is used to display progress of a process. You might have seen it a thousand times, at least. Most commonly, you have seen it in software install wizards and download managers. They show how much process was done.
  1. JProgressBar in Swing Example for Beginners
  2. Coding JProgressBar and Thread together


JSlider is used to let the user slide among values. You have seen it in Youtube, while playing a video, you can seek the video where ever you want, the one that you click on to do this is an example of slider.
  1. 4 Ways to create a JSlider in Swing

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