Desktop vs Web applications

This article teaches you the basics of desktop and web applications which is the first concept you need to learn before entering web development.
Before, we learn about the types of applications, let me clarify you about web development and web designing which are mostly confused.
        Web development deals with developing of web applications, that takes the user data and gives output based on it. This involves interaction with the server.
Ex: Java applications come under web development. These applications are executed in the server.
         Web design deals with the design, a.k.a. the look of a web page. It is coded in CSS, and the web page is written using HTML which also comes under web design. Javascript, a client-side scripting language that deals with doing some tasks in the client browser, comes under web-design again.

Types of applications

There are two types of applications, which I'll divide on the basis of interaction with internet.
  • Desktop applications
  • Web based applications
Desktop applications run on the local system which doesn't need internet to work. Also called as standalone applications.
Ex: CCleaner

Web based applications run on the server side and requires internet. These applications can run via the browser (typically) or through a program.
Ex: Google, Facebook etc.

The web based applications store their data in the servers and gives us results based on that data.
         Take Google, for example, the user types in a search query then the browser transfers our query to the Google server and the google server searches its database for the query and gives us results.
         So to develop such kind of applications which takes data from the user via a web browser and give the result, Java servlets can be used.

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