JSP Tutorial for Beginners

Here is a quick-start JSP tutorial for beginners. Before you read this tutorial, I suggest you to have a per-requisite knowledge of servlets in Java.
In this tutorial you are going to learn:
  • Scriptlets, Declarations and Expressions
  • JSP Directives
  • XML Tags
  • Working with JSP beans
  • Custom tags

Introduction to JSP 

JSP stands for Java Server Pages. It is a tag based approach that mixes both the HTML and the java servlet code. The reasons why we should use JSP will be the strongest foundation for you.
  • You do not need to write servlet classes anymore. They are replaced by JSP.
  • Tag based approach is more cleaner and programmer friendly.
  • HTML mixed with servlet code will provide all logic at one place.
  • You NEED NOT COMPILE servlets, RESTART server. Because the server automatically checks if a JSP page is modified upon each request. If modified, jasper container translates JSP to servlet (.java) file, compiles it and then loads it automatically.
  • Simplified data processing with beans approach.

1. Scriptlets, Declarations and Expressions

The very basics of JSP you need to start coding with.

2. JSP Directives

3. XML Tags

A clean, tag based approach for JSP.

4. JSP Beans

How JSP simplifies data processing with MVC using beans?

5. Custom tags 

Create custom tags to improve re-usability.

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